About Us




Ramosudi is an Education Sub-district under the Ngaka Modiri Molema district in the North West Province.


It is situated in Lehurutshe Town between Lehurutshe shopping forum and Lehurutshe Police station, behind the Lehurutshe Civic Centre at the corner Suping and Ramokopane Streets.




Ramosudi is constituted by four Circuits viz

Lorato Circuit with 24 schools.

Motswedi Circuit with 24 schools.

Zeerust Circuit with 25 schools.

Nietverdiend Circuit with 18 schools.


The total number of schools is 91 categorised as follows:


28 FET schools

91 GET schools

2 Special schools

1 Mega Farm School

No independent school




Towards excellence in Education and Sports Development




We provide quality basic education for higher learner achievement through educator excellence, as well as sport development, nation building and social cohesion.




EXCELLENCE: We move beyond compliance by going an extra mile.

Innovation: we will continually strive for better and new ways of doing things.


PEOPLE-CENTRED: We enhance human capital investment, teamwork and accountability.


COMMUNICATION: We share information in an honest, responsible and transparent manner.

INTEGRITY AND HONESTY: We respond to our fellow employees and other stakeholders with honesty, fairness and respect.